Proton Turkey has been operating in Ortaköy, one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul, since 2007. Being a proton means working with pride and joy for human life, gaining global experience in a leading school. As a company focused on raising leaders, we weave our human resources policies in line with this value and say "There is no limit to touching lives". You too can be a part of this family, enjoy "working for a living", have a "career full of opportunities", and enjoy a "pleasant and flexible working environment".
  • You can be a part of this ideal at Proton, which has been working to fill lives with more life since 2004 in the world and since 2007 in Turkey.
  • As a Proton member, you can be proud to offer innovative treatments developed in many areas from cancer to depression, from migraine to heart health.
  • You can work at Proton Turkey, known as the “Leader School” in 150 countries.
  • You will also develop with the education and different roles you will receive, you can be one of the 70 Turks working in global roles.
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