Parabolan is a powerful androgenic steroid with high anabolic qualities. Its peculiarity is that it does not aromatize among other androgens, among strong steroids. The active chemical of the product does not convert to estrogens and athletes do not have to contend with blood and an extraordinarily intense concentration of estrogen. Administration of Parabolan does not cause water retention in the organism.

  • These properties make this product the ideal steroid in practice for competitions combined with a diet rich in proteins and is extremely effective. If Parabolan achieves a low lipid concentration by limiting the amount of calories, it adds rigidity to the athlete’s muscles. The strong androgen effect counteracts the possible effect of overtraining, aiding regeneration and making the muscle larger and vibrating.
  • Parabolan is not a steroid for permanent application as it is toxic. The duration of treatment should be limited to 8 weeks.


  • Mg: 10
  • Content: Tren Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate